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Capeside Family Dentistry was founded in 2001 and is a privately owned company with two dental offices in the Palm Bay-West Melbourne area of Central Florida. Individuals and families in the Palm Bay, Melbourne and Bayside Lakes areas of Florida  who wish to receive dental checkups and treatments  can turn to Cape Side Family Dentistry. Our dental offices offer the latest in technology and high-end dentistry services. Let us provide you and your family with complete dental care.  Our friendly dentists provide a full range of general, cosmetic dentistry and denture care. Services include but are not limited to:  emergency dentistry, examinations, teeth whitening and cleanings, crown and bridge work, root canals, dentures, fillings, veneers, extractions, dental implants, bondings, restorations and teeth replacements.

Capeside Dental dentistas y equipamiento habla español con fluidez. Estamos orgullosos de servir a las necesidades de nuestros pacientes que hablan a español. Llámenos si usted tiene cualquier pregunta o hace una cita.

Palm Bay - Bayside  Lakes

**After-Hours Emergencies**
​ After hours Emergencies call:
321-474-0298 . When unable to reach someone after hours you may come into our offices at

9:00 am  ( business days only) on a walk-in basis.

Cape Side Family Dentistry

West Melbourne
4545 Durham Drive Suite #2
W. Melbourne, Fl 32904
Dr. Meagan Thomas, DMD

Tel:  (321)  733 - 4711
Fax:  (321) 733 - 8828

Mon thru Fri 8am - 5pm
Tue  & Thurs 10 - 7pm  Sat: Appt. Only


​​​​Cape Side Family Dentistry
Palm Bay - Bayside Lakes
3265 Bayside Lakes Blvd. SE
Palm Bay Fl 32909
Dr. Samuel Artley, DMD, FAGD

Tel:  (321)  727 - 0011
Fax:  (321) 727 - 0014
Mon- Fri 9am- 5pm 

Sat: Appt. Only

West Melbourne

2 Convenient Locations

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3D X-ray Computed Tomography system

Late evening hours available on Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00am until 7:00pm at the Bayside Lakes location. Saturday hours available.  Call office: 321.727.0011

A Privately Owned Dental Practice 

Our office buildings are in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for accessibility. 

Capeside Family Dentistry

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We accept many dental insurance plans

If you don’t have insurance, ask us about our Care Credit program when you call. To see a list of the insurance plans we accept   click here. Cost & Insurance

TAP® Thornton Adjustable Positioner

Sleep Apnea Defined
Obstructive Sleep Apnea occurs when the airway completely collapses blocking airflow into the lungs. The harder one tries to breathe, the tighter the airway seals. This airway obstruction persists until the brain partially awakens the person. Unconsciously, he/she will close the jaw returning the tongue and throat to a normal position.

The Sleep Apnea cycle - falling asleep, jaw relaxing, airway collapsing, unconsciously awakening with a gasp, falling back asleep - can repeat itself 50 or more times per hour during the night. With a blocked air passage, one does not receive enough oxygen. Both the awakenings and oxygen deprivation can then trigger other health problems. Read more..